Policy Change of Free Print Journals

January 20, 2018

As you are aware, printing and delivery of journals results in causing a significant amount of detrimental impact to the environment. Being a responsible publisher and being considerate for the environment, we have decided to change the policy of offering free print journals for authors.

From July 1, 2018, we will not automatically provide authors free print journals. However, when authors really need free print copies, they are requested to kindly complete an application form to order printed copies. Once approved, we will arrange print and delivery, for a maximum of two copies per article. If authors require more than two copies, they are requested to order online at: store.ccsenet.org.

Additionally, we are happy to provide journal’s eBook in PDF format for authors, free of charge. The eBook is the same as the printed version, but it is completely environmentally friendly. Please contact the journal editor to request eBook of the journal’s issues.

We are committed to saving the planet for our future generations.


Publishing Statistics 2017 Released

Publishing Statistics 2017 EXCEL

Publishing Statistics 2017Q3 Released

Publishing Statistics 2017Q3 EXCEL

Note: Please note that all statistics are based on the time frame of a quarter year, or three months. During each quarter, we calculate the articles received, accepted and rejected in this term. For example, some articles were submitted in 2017 Q2, but the decisions to accept or reject them were made in 2017 Q3. Likewise, some articles were submitted in 2017Q1, but the decisions to accept or reject were made in 2017 Q2. This is why the statistics for articles received do not always match with the total number of those accepted and rejected during a particular quarter. The statistics reports are intended to describe the general status of acceptance and do not aim to reflect an accurate acceptance rate.

Publication Plan 2018 Released


CCSE Journal Publication Plan 2018 Download                                              

Journal List: journal.ccsenet.org
Items shipped by carrier or airmail, depending on the subscriber's country.
All journals published in both print and online versions.The online version is free for downloading.
We encourage readers and libraries to use free online version, instead of ordering print copies, for environmental excellence.
No discount/commission for agents
Order cancellation (partial cancellation) is NOT accepted.

Call for Book Manuscripts

OA Books is a project innovated by the Canadian Center of Science and Education (CCSE). We focus on publishing open-access books in various research disciplines of the social sciences and humanities. We are looking for original, unpublished works to publish.

You may see the profile at www.oabooks.org and submit your book manuscripts online. You may also e-mail submissions to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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